Agile Lunch and Learn: Past events

  • Agile Roadmaps - Agile LnL

    Agile Roadmaps - Agile LnL

    307 people attending

    If Waterfall development represents one extreme of trying to plan ahead and Agile represents doing more planning just in time, what is the role of roadmaps in an Agile world? In this talk we look at the Agile principles that support and guide efforts in creating roadmaps and look at ways we can do enough planning to get value from our plan while avoiding the type of planning that is harmful.

  •  Ford

    Ford's Frameworks and Toyota's Theories - Prateek Singh

    242 people attending

    Agility starts (and possibly ends) with a mindset. With so many agile frameworks out there, some larger than others, how do you choose what is right for you? What heuristics do you use when choosing practices to implement? What are the risks associated with taking a bulk set of practices en-masse and applying them? Also, what does agility have to do with early 20th-century car manufacturers? Come find out as we talk about Ford's Frameworks and Toyota's Theories.

    Prateek Singh has been leading and working on agile teams for almost two decades. Starting with XP, then Scrum and now working in Kanban system, Prateek has gained a breadth and depth of knowledge regarding agile techniques, practices, and implementation principles. Prateek has been a Director of Business Agility at UKG conducting training and coaching for teams regarding Kanban and Lean principles. Prateek has played the role of Software Engineer, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Manager of Software Engineering, Director of Engineering, and Director of Business Agility in his career. Prateek is currently the Head of Learning and Development at Prateek is also the co-host of the Drunk Agile podcast.

  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Book Summary

    5 Dysfunctions of a Team Book Summary

    246 people attending

    This is going to be a 30-minute lunch and learn where we are going to do short summary of the book The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, walk through how some of the major points relate to Agile teams, do a quick gameshow to help remember the contents, and give away a copy of the book.

    If you've read the book, it will be a good reminder. If you haven't, I hope it will encourage you to get (or win) a copy.

  • Sustainable Test Automation

    Sustainable Test Automation

    265 people attending

    One of the hallmarks of DevOps is making it possible to quickly and safely deploy new functionality to production. Doing so safely is dependent on a protective suite of automated tests that can check for any regressions in the intended functionality.

    But who is looking out for the health and safety of those automated tests? Sure, they did their job when they were first written, but they need to keep doing that job as long as the application is in production. That should be years, if not decades. Those tests need to continue to provide safety even as the functionality shifts over time and team members who wrote them leave and are replaced.

  • Lessons from Lasso: Humble Inquiry and Beginner’s Mind - Matt Philip

    Lessons from Lasso: Humble Inquiry and Beginner’s Mind - Matt Philip

    251 people attending

    This session is going to be presented by guest, Matt Philip. Ted Lasso may be a fictional coach, but his coaching — imbued with humility and inquiry — is an example for anyone in real life. In the eponymously named hit series, Lasso — a head coach of a championship American football team — takes on the challenge of coaching in a totally different sport: football as it’s known in the rest of the world. This session draws out and applies the lessons from Lasso’s humility, trusting others and “beginner’s mind.” Attendees learn how humble inquiry can help our teams and the people we support and make us better teammates.

  • Shifting Left With Extreme Programming

    Shifting Left With Extreme Programming

    217 people attending

    Extreme Programming was born out of efforts to take beneficial practices in software development and "turn the dials to 11." Code reviews done in an extreme way turned into pair programming. Testing done in an extreme way became test-driven development. In this talk, we will examine Extreme Programming practices that create a "shift to the left" by moving quality-related activities toward the beginning of the development process. This shift creates a foundation for creating software efficiently and accurately. We will also look at how Extreme Programming provides a valuable model for finding other ways improvements to the quality of our software development processes.

  • Flight Levels - The Organization

    Flight Levels - The Organization's missing link to Business Agility

    279 people attending

    Flight Levels take off - literally. More and more organisations are moving away from local agile sub-optimisation. They are using Flight Levels to enable the entire organisation to act agile in the market. In this session, I will present how you can use Flight Levels to implement the corporate strategy so that you can make sure that the organisation focuses on outcomes and not just outputs.

  • What is Agile? - Agile LnL

    What is Agile? - Agile LnL

    260 people attending

    What does a cult that clears runways in the forest and wears coconuts like headphones have to do with Agile? You’ll find out in this talk that is a refresher of the foundation of Agile with a focus on the why behind all the different practices used by teams. No tales about pirates this time, but we’ve got stories about toothpaste tubes assembly lines, a manager who offered to buy a rocket for our Agile project, and a modern real-life version of the emperor who had no clothes fairy tale.

  • Predicting the Future - Forecasts vs. Estimates

    Predicting the Future - Forecasts vs. Estimates

    288 people attending

    In this session, we are going to look at the differences between estimating and forecasting. We will start out looking at examples of sizing work to make sure there aren’t hidden parts and then look at estimation approaches and finally at ways to produce forecasts that let us better predict the future. If you are looking to create more transparency and drive more efficient software development, this session will give you some good theory as well as simple concrete steps to accomplish your goal.

  • Agile Industrial Complex - Agile LnL

    Agile Industrial Complex - Agile LnL

    281 people attending

    This is a panel with two long-time Agile practitioners. They will share their reflections on Agile currently not delivering the level of success its creators and early adopters experienced, nor the level of success they feel it should. They are puzzled by several aspects of the current Agile Industry Complex. They will share their ideas, suggestions, and tips for Agile practitioners, Agile professionals, CEOs and decision-makers to improve this situation and get the expected benefits of genuine Agile.

    The panel:

    Chris Matts

    Chris Matts is retired. He used to care about Agile. Now he really only cares about people and that's why he thinks the work Dan and Luca are doing around the Agile Industrial Complex is so important. He is just delighted to be allowed to see his name alongside these two chaps.

    Daniel Mezick

    Coaching executives and teams in Agile since 2006, Daniel Mezick leads Improving Agility. Daniel has guided dozens of organisations in the art and science of Agile improvement. An author and co-author of three books on organisation change, Daniel is a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences and events.

    Luca Minudel

    Luca Minudel is an Agile practitioner and member of the Agile Community since the beginnings of the movement. He is a Lean-Agile Coach & Trainer, Transformation lead, and author of Living Complexity, with 20+ years in professional software delivery and digital product development, most of them with Lean and Agile.