Agile Lunch and Learn: Past events

  • WIP Into Shape - AgileLnL - Ryan Latta

    WIP Into Shape - AgileLnL - Ryan Latta

    333 people attending

    Work-In-Progress limits are a powerful but unintuitive technique that can lead to rapid improvements in performance and processes. Teams using Ryan Latta's simplified approach often deliver work 4x to 10x faster. In this talk Ryan will cover what they are and a simplified approach to using them so you can see results in less than two weeks and common pitfalls.

  • Reliable Retrospectives

    Reliable Retrospectives

    305 people attending

    Retrospectives are an important part of most Agile teams driven by the principle of reflecting and improving the way the team works. Not all retrospectives achieve that goal. Some teams have trouble coming up with anything actionable and degrade into regularly scheduled sessions to complain about things outside their control. In this session, we are going to look at ways to help teams succeed in making retrospectives a useful positive tool that drives the self-improvement process.

  • When most people see ChatGPT, they think the main use case for it is new write new code. In this talk, Jason Swett will show us that just because ChatGPT can write code doesn’t mean all the benefits of TDD are somehow invalidated. Tune in to see the way Jason does TDD with the assistance of ChatGPT.

  • User stories drive the process of creating software. Good user stories help develop software efficiently, but poor user stories can lead to lower return on investment and even cancelled projects. We will look at a number of example user stories from robotic milking machines to online shoe stores to discover the key to creating stories that effectively represent complex work with simplicity.

  • Test Driven Development & Pair Programming - Live Coding Demo

    Test Driven Development & Pair Programming - Live Coding Demo

    359 people attending

    In this Test Driven Development and Pair Programming Benjamin and Mark are going to create a simple algorithm using TDD and pair programming. Come see how developers can use pair programming and test driven development to create code faster and with higher quality than when they work alone.

  • Awesomely Simple Book Summary

    Awesomely Simple Book Summary

    300 people attending

    Awesomely Simple is a book that takes strategies gleaned from successful companies and distills them down to six simple principles. These principles aren't just for huge companies. They are also very present on successful Agile teams and notably absent on teams that fail to deliver for their customer. We'll go over the 6 principles, show how they apply to your Agile team, and give a copy of the book away--all in 30 minutes.

  • Habits of Success & Practices of Failure

    Habits of Success & Practices of Failure

    353 people attending

    Some software projects fail because of things outside the team's control. However, most of what makes a project succeed or fail comes down to what the team decides to do each day. In this talk we are going to look at some of the habits that lead to success as well as some of the practices that frequently cause failure.

  • Agile Principle #6 - A Deep Dive - Agile LnL

    Agile Principle #6 - A Deep Dive - Agile LnL

    301 people attending

    Continuing our journey of doing a deep dive with each Agile principle, this session is going to be focused on Agile Principle #6: "The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation." Come hear examples and stories about how teams have used and abused this principle.

    We will kick the session off with the premier of a new Agile cartoon illustrating Principle #6 with scuba divers and sharks.

  • Coaching Agile Delivery

    Coaching Agile Delivery

    257 people attending

    Agile says we should satisfy the customer through "early and continuous delivery" and that "working software is the primary measure of progress" and that we should "deliver working software frequently." With all this talk about getting working software delivered and into your customer's hands, it must be a pretty important part of creating a successful Agile team.

    In this session, we are going to explore ways to help lead teams toward better Agile delivery. We'll look at examples of how software can be delivered incrementally in ways that produce value and talk about how to inspire and coach teams toward that goal.

  • Agile Teams and Hybrid Work

    Agile Teams and Hybrid Work

    259 people attending

    Many organizations are switching to hybrid work as the new normal. How does that work for an Agile team? What Agile principles should guide the way teams organize their work in a hybrid environment? We'll explore these questions in this 30 minute lunch and learn.